Saturday, December 15, 2012

Op + post Op.

2nd December 2012.

Woke up early in the morning to have breakfast even though I only had like 2 hours of sleep. Took bus to 502 Market. Last meal before the op in the evening and I decide to have wanton noodles.

Went home, took a shower, washed my hair and got ready to proceed to the hospital.
After registering we just slack around in the room till it's time for op. Felt super nervous as it's my first op and I'll be under full GA.

The 4-5hours is damn suffering. I was super nervous and jumpy and the nurses gave me 2 false alarms. >.< Op was scheduled at 5pm but around early 3-ish one nurse came in to ask if I've had my socks and shower cup on.. I started jumping around until my husband asked the nurse isn't it too early since my op's at 5pm. Then she say at 5pm? oh. it's too early.. and she went out... Around a little while later another nurse came back to ask if I've taken the med to protect my gastric. She also came in too early..

Finally.. around 4plus another nurse came in and asked me to get ready for op and she went to push in another bed. Hubby helped me to put on the socks and shower cap.. I surrendered all my earrings and my spectacles. Vision's super blurry and my heart's super jumpy. Lay on the bed while the nurse pushed the bed. Hubby gave me a kiss before I went into the lift to proceed to the delivery suite.. Stopped by a waiting area while the nurse asked me some questions.. before she confirm the doctors are nearby and pushed me to the operating theater..

In the operating theater and I was still super nervous.. They had to draw some blood, poke in a needle at a side of my wrist as there wasn't much obvious veins for them to poke and even that vein they had a lot of issues with drawing blood.. After a long while of squeezing my arm) they finally manage to get the blood they need. After that they start the other operating stuffs. First thing and only thing I remember was a mask was placed over my face, they push it down while commenting that my face is too small and keep asking me to breathe deeply.. I kept breathing and breathing and was thinking when will they give me the GA... and when will the GA take effect.. and the next thing I knew, they were waking me up and said the op is over, and my little girl is well.

Super blur but I tried my best to stay awake because I really wanted to see my girl.. They pushed my bed to the room and I was shifted to my ward bed. They warned me of the pain I would feel each time they moved me and yes I felt pain but I was still super seh.. drifting in and out.. Then I saw Mike and my mum. Still feeling blur and weak, I kept asking to see baby. I wanted to know she is fine. I want to see her face. They told me her weight and that she's so loud that the whole floor can hear her.. After they push her in, they put her next to me for me to see her. Hubby took a photo for me and posted on facebook. I was still super seh but I managed a smile and kissed my little girl..

They got Winne back to the nursery so I could have more rest but I just couldn't sleep. I wanted her by my side and I was drifting in and out the whole night. Mike didn't sleep much cause he wanted to be with me the whole of Sunday night...

3rd December 2012
Monday morning and I was still on drips and drifting but I was drifting a lot less and starting to worry when the drip stops will the pain be super bad and if I will finally start to feel nausea.. I can't wait to see Winnie and also the doctor.. Doctor came in, took a look at my wound area and told me they will take the drip and urine bag thingy off and let me walk a tiny bit that day. They will also start giving me painkillers in pills form, letting me take soft diet and he'll see me the next day.

Monday floats by rather quickly even though I was in pain most of the time. Took some photos of Winnie and took a bit of nap in the evening after taking painkillers... I even managed to sleep a little at night! :) Meals were soup beehoon for 3 meals and by night time I was so hungry that I ate a few packs of biscuits at night. :p

4th December 2012
Tuesday is a fresher day for me. I was able to move around a lot more. Even though my wound hurt really bad in the morning, the rest of the day was really very much manageable except when hubby made me laugh. My wound hurts really bad when I laugh. :(

5th December 2012
Discharge day. Morning had a scare cause they were checking on Winnie's Jaundice levels, if it's too high she can't go home with me. :( The result came in as manageable level and she can be discharged with me. Super happy to go home cause I can finally be with my little one. :)

Then the horror starts.. 10x worse than pregnancy.. is call THE CONFINEMENT. >.<
I'm now almost halfway there and can't wait for it to be over!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photos of my Cutie Pie. :D

Just some photos first.
Will update on the Op and Post-Op soon. :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Final pre-op appointment!

Just went for final appointment with Dr KK Lee on Thursday.
Winnie's growing well, estimate at 3.something kg, she has doubled her weight since the last time he told me she was 1.something.. That totally explains the sudden sprout of strechmarks!

My cutie pie has no more space inside the tummy. She's literally facing the wall of my uterus.. all cramped up inside.. Saw her move her mouth and she looks so adorable.. like complaining her mummy's such a kang chiong spider. Haha.

So doctor says we're ready. The tummy shape is right he says. Don't really know what he means but it's right means it's good right? So we're going in this Sunday!

Friends and relatives can come visit on Monday onwards but please don't bring anything.. cause we no car to bring home lah.. haha. We got a lot of chicken essence, fish essence, bird's nest, baby clothes in fact we have almost everything ready.. and our house no space.. :P So anyway, if you want to visit, do check out Mike or my facebook for ward details. :)


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 37 - Final milestone (Stretchmarks!)

About 90% done with preparation I think. heh.

-Button sleeping attire bought (4piece almost 200. -.-) -> for me.

-Milk bottles, bottles steriliser, brush for bottles, nappy cream, nipple cream, breast pumps, sterilized cotton balls, Pacifier, nail clippers, water thermometer, nappies, leftover diapers, wet wipes, ru yi oil (both winnie's grannies bought 1 bottle each. lol), jin feng san, covers for mattress,  pillow, bolster, herbs, many many longans and red dates..

-Mike couldn't resist getting a cute toy to hang at the cot for Winnie's entertainment hahas.

I'm really very nervous about the operation and seeing Winnie for the first time. It's barely a week left!!

New issues every other week.. This week's issue is stretchmarks!
The look is bad, the itch is worse!!
So I asked my mum about it and apparently she doesn't have any!! 4 kids and she doesn't have any? Why life so unfair ah? Then Mike says it's because all 4 of us are premature babies, so she never carried us till full term plus the 4 of us are all so tiny! eh.. yah. that kinda explains it.. The four of us are born like a month early, the youngest one I think almost 2 months early? We missed the "put on weight" period. hahas.

Apparently the little ones grow most of their fats in the last bit.. so most of the time stretchmarks appears closer to the date of birth cause of the sudden increase in bulk inside... something like that. hahas. or if you're having twins.... :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 36 - Feeling Low

Feeling kinda negative the past week, tearing at the slightest issue and had a full meltdown on Sunday. I've experienced this before and I know what is happening.

Was aware of postnatal depression but never thought it's possible to have depression during pregnancy. Did a search and found this article on quite helpful.

About 10% of pregnant women suffers from a period of depression during pregnancy.
As the symptoms varies from person to person, there's no fixed symptoms for depression. The article listed some of the more common symptoms that one may have if he/she is suffering from depression.

A. Inability to concentrate
B. Anxiety
C. Extreme irritability
D. Sleep problems
E. Extreme or unending fatigue
F. A desire to eat all the time or not wanting to eat at all
G. A sense that nothing feels enjoyable or fun any more
H. A persistent sadness
Symptoms D and E seems like a normal part of pregnancy.
I had all the above symptoms and I didn't know it. Well,  not until the meltdown on Sunday anyway.

This is what I felt in the past week.
Feels as if my husband doesn't care or understands me, and felt like he's always telling me off for something or another. Everything he says feels like he's using an angry and irritated tone on me, and all the things he does, it feels like he's not willing to do it but he's doing it just because I'm pregnant.

Feels like he's finding me very irritating and trying to get away from me. It really makes me feel very useless and angry at the same time. I teared almost every other day and couldn't find anyone to complain to. It's like who will believe me when I complain about a attentive husband being not attentive? It doesn't help when he's out all the time for his work, his friends, even when he's home he's always on the comp and phone, playing games or chatting with his friends. It just makes me feel so left out.

It's something that many people experienced without knowing they are experiencing it and it's even more difficult for people around them to understand what they are going through. Sometimes people used really negative terms or words, thinking that it will help them, like asking them to "snap out of it", "stop dwelling", "stop self-pitying" and stuffs like that.

Depression is not something you can just suddenly and immediately snap out of. It takes time for the person to try to get out of it. It's not a small paper cut that you can stop the blood from flowing with just a plaster. It's more like a bigger wound that needs care and concern to heal over a period of time, for some, it just takes a longer period.. The most important thing is for the person to accept that he/she is going through this phrase and opens to getting well. Well, at least it works for me. When I know I am going through it, I try to find ways to let out all the "bad thoughts".

I'm writing this entry because I want it to be a reminder to myself.
For my daughter, I will get myself out of this!

In other news..
Winnie's cot is here!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 35 - Shopping / Final preparations for the day

Finally packed the hospital bag though there's really nothing much inside. :( I believe I still need like 2 sets of comfy button sleepwear or something. Bah.. Need to ask my mother. She's more experienced in this. :P

Last weekend we finally bought the baby cot, will be delivered this coming weekend and once it's done up, our room will finally look a bit more "baby ready"!

We've also bought the baby bath tub, baby wash and the powder lotion.
Still have some items yet to purchase and I'm starting to feel a little stress out. :(
- Bath water thermometer.
- Wash cloth and towel for baby
- Cloth Diapers (Mummy says she will get it)

Bah. I don't know if we've missed out any essentials. There's just so many things to prepare and I'm such a scatterbrain. :(

We've folded Winnie's clothes and put them in a compartment in our wardrobe. Yet to clear out one of my plastic cupboards to put Winnie's stuffs inside. Got to clear it next week before Winnie's here. :D

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 33/34 - Responds to sounds

This is the period where we get more responds from Winnie and her every action makes me feel like hugging her right away. :)

She's like a baby, waking up many times a day just to disturb me.
When I'm eating
When there's music
When her dad just come home from work and she hears his voice
When I'm bathing
When I'm going to sleep
When I'm waking up
When I'm seating on the low chair
When I'm in the toilet
Particularly when I'm conversing with other people (eg. my mum, my brothers, my friends)
or when I feel her kneecap or elbow sticking out and I touch it. She'll squirm a little.

There are times when she stretches out her legs or something and I feel discomfort and pain.. I'll tell her it's painful, she should not do that and she will slowly move her leg back. :) Of cause I know she doesn't really understand what I'm saying but it does makes me feel like she's responding to my voice. :)

This week, we got the used baby clothes from my MIL, these clothes are given by Mike's Aunt. Put everything into the washing machine to wash and they are all so adorable. I mean they are all so tiny!

Honestly I think we don't seem very excited or prepared. I've know friends who've already started to prepare so many baby stuffs and we barely have any baby stuffs at our house. :P No pram yet cause still can't make up our mind which one to get. No baby cot yet cause we're expecting the cot to come in when I'm at the hospital, but we've yet to order it till today. Oh. the only stuffs we got are detergent to wash baby clothes and baby body wash. :P

I did get some stuffs for confinement though. 7 weeks worth of disposable underwear, a few nursing clothes and some nursing bras. :)

Mike's going to be very busy at work and I'll need to find time to go shopping with my mum for other stuffs. She's leaving her job in about 2-3weeks to prepare for my confinement. Her first grandchild and even though she doesn't show it she's actually quite excited. :P Afterall she have had 4 kids so she have enough experience to stay so calm. :P

Packing the hospital bag tomorrow when the mummy bag comes in. Not sure what to bring exactly also. bah..

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Childbirth Education Course : Lesson 2

Continue from previous post, this is Lesson 2.
• Antenatal Exercise
• Physiological Approach to Breathing Technique
• Changes in Pregnancy Leading to Signs & Symptoms of Labour
• Other Alternative Types of Pain Relief in Labour
• Instructional Video
• Q & A

What I can remember (which is like <10% of what's in the class I think)

- Video on different types of pain reliefs for labour.
There are actually so many different types of relief but we normally only hear about 1 or 2 from your friends or relatives so this video and class really let us understand what options there are.

- Breathing Techniques
She taught us 3 techniques but there's only 1 that can be used throughout which is Deep Breathing.
It's important to control your breathing as you don't really want to go into panic-breathing. When you panic breathe you'll go all hysterical and waste a lot of energy doing things that harm your body..

Type 1. Breathe in deep breath thru the nose, breathe out slowly thru the nose. (2,3,4,5...)
Type 2. Breathe in deep breath thru nose, breathe out thru mouth
Type 3. Breathe in deep breath thru nose, pant it out. Pant Pant Pant.. (Use when there's sharp contraction in the 2nd part of labour)

- Relaxation Exercise
Learning how to relax is really curial especially since you'll be in labour for many hours.
Deep breathing.. Relax your body from shoulders to toe.
Picturing yourself on the beach, facing clear blue skies and ocean.
Feeling the gentle waves blowing across, imagine a water canal and seeing your little one peacefully sleeping on the water.. When it's time for birth imagine the baby smoothly coming out from the canal...

- Pelvic Floor Exercise
When you read about Pelvic Floor Exercise, most of the time it's just a couple of lines on the books but this class is really detailed!
Identify the 3 different place that needs tightening
Tighten them individually and then finally everything together.
Most importantly, DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH!

- Breast Firming Exercise
I can't remember if she taught this in lesson 1 or 2, but I only remember 2 of the 3 steps she taught. :(

- Husband's Support
As per lesson 1, husband's participation is encouraged and really important in Labour so husband's involvement in lesson 2 is equally important.

During labour the mother can only hear and act upon familiar voice. The midwife can keep repeating what to do and the mother wouldn't be able to hear and act accordingly because she's in pain. When a familiar voice is beside her, telling her to breathe, not to push, to relax (reminding her to picture clear ocean and skies..) to push (when needed), she will be able to follow the voice better because when you're in pain you can only hear familiar voice and block out all other noises.

To help relief the pain, husbands can massage the 2 points on her lower back throughout the many hours of labour before she's officially ready to give birth. Continuous message for a few hours can be very tiring! Mrs Wong taught the husbands how to massage the wife's back using fingers, knuckles and palm. So if your husband say there's nothing he can do during labour, tell him he's wrong! There's so much he can do during labour!! Heh.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 31 - A Night to Remember

From a dot (Week 6 to Week 30)

Ever since I've reach third trimester, Winnie's movement in my tummy has become more obvious.

Since I'm in "resting mode" (seating on the sofa) most of the time, I've been feeling her move whole day and I'm more than happy to feel her move. :) Every night, when I'm going to sleep and tells her I'm going to "orh orh" (Sleep), her movements become stronger and somewhat like practicing Martial Arts. -.-'

Been going on for many nights since I start to feel her move, but since she's more cramped up inside now, I can feel it so much more! Sometimes it gets too pain for me to fall asleep. :(

Some nights her dad will step in, put his hand on my tummy and tell her to go to sleep but it usually works for a little while before she starts punching and kicking again. -.-'

Last night, it's the first time Mike had a good connection with her. He was telling her not to kick/punch me so hard instead she can tickle me, he starts tapping my tummy lightly to show her and she responded by doing little movements instead of hard knocks. They played for a good 10mins or so, him talking to her, gently tapping my tummy, drawing tiny circles/stripes/whatever and her responding to the movement/sound in the same area. That moment is something I want to remember. Seeing your love ones communicating, having fun, really warms your heart. :)

Love you sweety. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Childbirth Education Course : Lesson 1

Winnie as our first bb, we decide to sign up for this Childbirth Education Course organised by TMC (Thomson Medical Centre). It's somewhat a crash course to prepare both the mummy and daddy for the experience and challenges coming up. :)

I've personally looked after my brothers when they were still babies but I wasn't really trained (Honestly what does a 7-9years old kid know anyway?) and I don't think what I knew then is good enough for our precious little one.

Both hubby and I really want to have the correct knowledge and not just believe everything we read on the Internet or hearsay by friends and relatives. Before you read on, I would like to mention that whatever I write here is according to what I've remembered about the classes and should only be used as reference. If you would like to know more the course is about 300+ and comes with some freebies here and there. :)

We got these 3 books for free when we signed up for the First Born Incentive (FBI) Card.

If you don't want to go for classes or just cannot find the time at all (They have weekdays and weekends classes), these 3 books would be good as an introduction. The course is more detailed with demo, videos, life examples.

My course instructor / teacher is Mrs Wong Boh Boi
(Yes, she's also the author of the 3 books you see above. And yes if you do a search online you'll see her name appearing very often.)

Our class is very huge, something I didn't expect but after the first lesson I knew why the class is so packed! Our instructor is that good! :p

Lesson 1 : Physical & Mental Preparation
• Antenatal Exercise
• Nutrition Before & After Delivery
• Myths & Traditions
• Coping with Pregnancy Discomfort
• Back Care & Postures
• Instructional Video
• Q & A

What I can remember (which is like 10% of what's in the class I think)

- Video on Breastfeeding (Twins)

- Simple Exercise (Which I can only remember the dancing with partner one, the rest I need to refer to the book to remember. :P)
Holding your partner's hand, put body weight to left, shift body weight to right.
Twirl and do a little upper torso stretch?

- Coping with Pregnancy Discomfort
Exercise to promote blood circulation which will lead to less leg cramps.
How husband should massage wife. This is good! :D
How to cope with discomfort after a meal (it's not the Laksa she ate so stop blaming her, husband to assist in pulling her torso from behind to help relieve the pain.

- A few things will lead to premature and should be avoided, examples:
Touching/Rubbing the tummy in a circular motion
Walking for more than 30mins.
Massaging the portion between ankle and heel

- Communication with your baby.
Light tapping on the sides on tummy, butterfly strokes up the center to create ripples inside.
Talking to baby like an adult and not googoo gaagaa.. Example:
How are you today? Daddy is going to work, be good to mummy.

- Find out if your baby is in good mood or in bad mood.
By touching the top of your tummy.
*If it's hard = irritated uterus = baby not in good mood.
*If it's soft = not so sensitive uterus = okay to play with baby.
Baby and mummy are the same they will have times that they are in bad mood and doesn't like to be touched!

- In Womb Education:
Introduce her to light by shining a torchlight through the tummy.
Tell her that is light and ask if she can see it.
Okay to play music but not okay to place earphone/headphones on the tummy. She gave an example of putting a person in a box, close it up and blasting music from outside the box. If you're the person how will you feel??

- Back Care & Postures
We might hurt our back unknowingly and the consequences may only be seen very much later.
Waddling is bad.
If can't sleep on sides, put 2 pillows to make your head higher so it's leveled.
How to get off the bed. ( I never knew I was doing it all wrong previously!)
How our partner should assist us to get off the bed/floor and how they should not be doing it.
How to stand up when sitting on the floor/swatting. (This is very good!)

- Nutrition Before & After Delivery
This part was kinda rush through cause we're running out of time and there's another class after us.
Though what was went through is in the book though, so it's not that bad.

Overall a really good experience. I felt like I have learned so much and it's really worth it because we actually spend quality time as a family. The father gets to understand the wife, what's she's going through a lot better and also how to interact with her and baby. :)

Yeah, that's about all for lesson 1 I guess. :D

Monday, October 15, 2012

6th October - Baby Market 2012 : Cordlife

Heard about this Baby Market at Expo from facebook. They were promoting it very actively on facebook and we decide to dropby to have a look and "顺便" ask the cordlife people a couple of questions before signing up for it. :)

Cabbed to EXPO Mrt and walked in. While walking in we see a lot of people carrying BOXes and BOXes of Diapers! Most of them carrying/ferrying around 3 boxes, it was as if the diapers are free. -.-'

Went in and straight away saw the cordlife counters full of people, every table's taken so we spoke to one of the staff, they took our numbers to call us when there's a table. We didn't wait long though, was about to have a look at other stalls when they say there's a table for us. :)

Signed up for the 21 years plan and did all the registration/paper-work stuffs. There's some discount for those with the First Born Incentive Card.
Price on website for their 21 years plan is $6200 (before GST).
After a discount of S$550, we're paying or rather the govt is helping us to pay S$6,000 and we pay S$45.50 (inclusive of GST) because we're using the CDA to pay for it.

*For those who doesn't understand how CDA accounts works, after you open the baby bonus account and put in money, the government will match dollar for dollar (up to SGD6,000 for the first and second child.) :)

After we're done with the cordlife stuffs, decide to walk around to see if we can find any good deals. We still need 1 baby cot and 1 baby pram. We've lots of old and new baby clothes from friends and relatives so we figure we wouldn't need to buy any for a long long time. :P

Didn't get to see much, most of the deals are okay but nothing great enough to grab our attention.

The diapers and milk powders are a bit too early to buy because we don't know which ones would be suitable for Winnie. Didn't want to risk buying a few cans or packs and end up giving to others just because it's not suitable for her.

Thought the market was going to be bigger though, therefore a little bit disappointed and since there are many parents with prams the whole place is really packed and difficult to walk. :( Oh we bought another pan at the Harvey Norman Sale next door though. I almost purchased it a couple of months back at NTUC for $29 but I didn't and they are selling at S$15, so I had to get it! :P and I also went to check out the Loreal Sale and almost got the Maybelline pressed powder set until I saw the long queue and remembered I still have 2 refills at home. Hee.

Things we're bringing home from the cordlife registration.

 This box is really crucial, must bring along when I go hospital..

They gave us a baby clothes set.

and a letter to collect S$200.00 worth of CapitaLand Vouchers.
We're thinking of using it to buy the cot. :)

Had lunch after the little walk.

This is slightly different from the one at NEX. Nicer . :D

Hubby had to queue really long for the food, there's just so many people there..

Un-boxing the Baby Clothes Set. heh.


Tadah~ Mad cute right. :P

Little Dragon Baby. :D

Comes with a wrap, a pair of cute mittens and socks. :D

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Backlog - JULY 2012

I'll start the backlog with whatever photos I have and slowly blog forward..

In July, hubby had an operation and I had an hair cut.
This is the start of 2nd Tri, and I starting to feel a little warm.
Chop off a few inches cause it's really hot and starting to bother me a lot. Now it's grown to the super bothering stage, too short to tie properly, too thick that it makes me sweat and long enough to tickle me but refuse to be tied up.

July is also the first time I had 3 needle pricks and a lot of pain before blood could be drawn for test.
My vessels seems to have disappeared. It used to be much "poppy" but by July I could hardly see it, now I don't even know where is it already. -.-'

Felt brave cause not only did I not whimper like I usually do when there's needle poking me, I was actually comforting the nurse, telling her it's alright and I understand, cause it's the first time the nurse had to prick someone 3 times to get blood that day. I knew my vessel had somehow "disappeared", just a few weeks back when I was at Thomson it was still there!! Weird huh?

Received a gift pack from Dumex. I believe from one of those forms we filled up at our hospital. Signed up for a bunch of I-don't-know-whats together with our First Born Incentive Card. Which we signed up on our first trip to the Thomson Medical Center for the bb abnormality check up.

2 Sachets of Mamil Mama Milk Power,
1 Cute dragon cartoon bib &
1 Packet of Dryer Wee Wee Dry.

In July, we also received the report for bb abnormality and my blood test from Gyne.
Glad to know everything's fine, the scan was the first time we see clear pictures of our little one.
I still remember seeing her little feet and little hands moving, her "jumping around" seems like not too long ago and now she's super cramp inside me now. heh.

That's all for July.
Next would be the Classes!
heh, that will take a little longer for me to complete. :p

Week 30/31 - Her Little Face

This is Winnie.
The first time we can actually see her face and she's still trying to hide behind her little palm.

Been feeling her kicks, punches and hiccups a lot more now. She's running out of space already!
Sometimes her feet or knee would just come up and it makes me laugh.

We've got a date but not releasing it yet until it's near.

I know I'm supposed to do the backlog thing.
Now I got even more backlog because I'm just plain tired all the time. :P

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doris Day - Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will be, will be)

A song I've been singing to my little girl. :)

When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich? Here's what she said to me. Que sera, sera, Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours, to see Que Sera, Sera What will be, will be. Since I'm just a boy in school I asked my teacher, what should I try Should I paint pictures? Should I sing songs? This was her wise reply. Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours, to see Que Sera, Sera What will be, will be. When I grew up and fell in love I asked my lover what lies ahead? Will we have rainbows day after day? Guess what my lover said: Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours, to see Que Sera, Sera What will be, will be. Now I have children of my own They ask their mother, what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich? I tell them, "wait and see". Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours, to see Que Sera, Sera What will be, will be. What will be, will be. What will be, will be. What will be, will be.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 27/28 - Reminder to Blog Backlogs.

I've so much to update!!!

Now that I've tendered, I'll have more time for myself! Until Winnie's here anyway.

My last day will be on the 4th and will start to blog the backlogs with my memory. :P

So much things to blog about.
The visits to gyne, Winnie's activities and what we learn at the childbirth education course (Need to re-cap 5 lessons!).

Yeah. That's about it I guess. :D
Till I have more time on hand.
This is just to remind myself what I've to blog about. Heh. I've got poor memory.

 Taken on 12 August 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 23/24 - Winnie.

We've decided to name bb Winnie. :) Yet to announce because there's another scan coming up in a week's time and Doctor would be able to confirm if bb's 100% boy or girl. Though we're about 90% sure it's a girl by now. :D

We chosed this name for a few reasons.
1. Meaning behind this name is First-born daughter (Ref:
2. Of cause there are other meanings we've found that seems quite pleasing to us: Blessed peace; fair reconciliation (Ref:
3. We wanted a rather well known name so no one will have the trouble calling her name. (Ref: Winnie the Pooh. )

These are the 3 reasons I can name right now. There's of cause other reasons but they are so crappy I don't think I wanna list them here. hahas.

Well today I decide to blog because Winnie did something worth blogging about of cause. hahas.
I've been feeling Winnie move on and off for quite a while. Though the feeling is very subtle but it's still a very comfortable feeling to know she's awake and moving around happily. :) Since the feeling's quite subtle, hubby is quite disappointed that he can't feel her move.

Since I am on MC, I had the luxury to wake my husband up to go to work. He's snoozing when I suddenly felt Winnie move. Placed his hand on my tummy and he felt her kick (we assume it's a kick cause it's a more obvious movement as compared to normal subtle movement)! So today marks the first time hubby felt Winnie kick and yes I would like to think Winnie kicked him to go to wake up and go to work. hahahas.

Been resting at home for the past 2 days due to bad stomach. It's so bad that I couldn't sleep 1 of the nights. Doctor says it's indigestion caused by constipation or badly handled food (unclean food). Stomach keep churning but no poo. It's been like this for 3 days, wonders when will it recover. :( Poor Winnie keep having to hear her mummy's tummy churn whole day and night. :(

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week 21 - It's a Girl.

After 2 months of wait Doctor says it should be a girl because he can't see male sex organs on bb. Just like last month's scan was also not clear because bb was sleeping with her legs curled up, this time bb was lying in a position that doesn't allow us to see that clearly.. Or maybe it's just the doctor's machine being old and doesn't allow us to see clearly.. Whatever the reason is. I believe it's a girl. I feel it. Even though hubby and parents says it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl, I do feel like they prefer a boy to play with my nephew. :( Really hope they love my bb girl just the same. I have decided no matter what, I will love my bb girl. *huggies*

July has been a torturous month. Legs pain and numbish feeling, backache and the terrible upper tummy pain. Took more medical leave and leave to rest in July as compared to the whole of last year I think. Tempted to leave my job because I just don't feel well all the time and being on leave or mc just doesn't help the company. At the same time, I will lose out on 1.5 months of maternity if I leave in a month's time and it's only 3.5months to go till my maternity starts in Mid Novemeber (1 month before my EDD). I've finished my leave entitlement till 3rd Jan 13, so if I leave early I need to "pay back". Oh well, hope I can go through this 3plus month so I would at least have a bit of money for my bb.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 13 - Naughty BB

Today was the scan for any bb abnormality, also our first trip to the Thomson Medical Center.
For the scan to take place, BB needs to be lying down and facing up.

From 12pm our first scan the bb was almost standing. Then I drank some water, and walk around abit.

Second scan, BB still sitting up. Was ordered to drink at least another 2 more cups of water and walk around more. Hubby and I took our lunch, walk around and drank 1 bottle or snapple and another 1 cup of water before going up for another time.

Third Scan and bb is still not lying down, by this time the nurse ask me to drink somemore water cause it'll help to fill the urine bag and make bb lie down.. I drank another 250ml of fruit juice and 2 cups of water.

It was almost 2+pm, I couldn't pee for 2+hrs, drank water till I want to vomit and finally BB is lying down for the forth scan!!

Naughty BB.
The nurse also say bb very naughty cause bb keep moving and refuse to lie straight for a proper scan. Every time bb lie properly and the nurse wants to take a photo of bb, bb will jump, move, turn, roll up.. I can't stop laughing and really need to pee very badly. The nurse took a couple of scans and let me go to the washroom before going back for other scans. After going to the washroom I thought bb will sit back up but bb didn't! -.- BB lay even straighter than before and was actually facing up. As quoted from the nurse, it's "Textbook book material"! hahahas. She end up taking more scans with me laughing a lot because bb still move around a bit esp whenever the nurse want to take a still. She show us the hands, the tiny pair of feet, the whole length of bb is around 66-67mm and we heard the heartbeat loud and clear. :)

After the scan, I did my first blood test in a super long while... I was so nervous that when the nurse used the alcohol wipe to wipe left arm, my right feet suddenly cramp. All the nurse around me laugh cause the situation is really funny. Felt brave that I actually didn't move my hand away and I even looked at the needle poking me. The things mothers does for her bb... :P Of cause I'm still scared cause the next blood test will be done in about 3weeks.. *sweats*

Long wordy post today cause I don't ever want to forget the things I've done for this precious little one.

Oh. Another update. I'm having some pain from my butt to my leg and it hurts when I stand up after sitting and also when I lie down. :( oh. and I'm having sore throat, slight fever and slight block nose again! :(

Iron Pills

Milk Powder

Mixed with Milo powder. :D

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 12 - Active BB

2nd trimester in a week and I'm super excited! Something very wonderful happen this week during the scan. We finally see little bb move! The little hands are moving so much I couldn't stop laughing. Here's a picture of the little active bb..

Drawing blood for tests soon and I just start to feel scared.
All the pills are getting bigger too! I can't swallow most of them. :(
And I just started drinking milk powder because I can't swallow the DHA pills. :( Hope the milk will work too. :(

Hubby says I've been very smiley since I saw bb actively move. It is a feeling difficult to describe. When the scanning device is on you and you see the "live-telecast" on what's happening inside, on the screen.. Together with the sound of bb's heartbeat. That instance you can really feel bb's presence.

Just found out that we have to rush to do a test on Friday at another location and blood will be drawn. :( Twice! :'(

Next doctor appointment will be at the end of the month. Also will have blood test. :(
Will remind hubby to bring a better camera next time. :D

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week 11 - Coughing.

1 Week to the next appointment and we're at the new house.
I'm hiding with the baby in the games room while waiting for people to move things in the house.

The flu from last week is healing slowly with a rather persistent cough.
Cough + nausea is a really bad combination. I've vomited a few mornings/nights and it's really terrible.

Taking the anti-nausea medication about once to twice a day on weekdays, or I can't work at all. The downside? The medication makes me drowsy and I keep feeling sleepy. Defector's parents doesn't like me to take the medication saying that it's not good for our baby. On weekends I don't take the medication and even on weekdays I take lesser than the maximum 3 times. Can't wait for the cough to disappear and I'll finally be able to stop taking those pills and stop hearing them nag about how it's normal to feel nausea, as if I don't know that it's normal.

Oh well, enough of ranting..
Moving to this new place soon in about 3 weeks and things will be better!
I can name 3 things I can't wait to enjoy..
1. Water heater. No need to boil water to bathe.
2. Aircon. Not that I need it 24/7, but since it's Summer, it can be really hot on some days...
3. Fiber internet. Need I say more? :p

Of cause there's my own Kitchen. :D
Our own bed, sofa, huge 40inch TV and Smoke Free rooms!

So many food I can't enjoy anymore because of baby but I will be strong willed and do all I can to protect my baby from harm. Baby you must be a good baby and grow up healthy and strong okay.. *muacks*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 10 - Flu bug.

Friday visit the GP to get an MC as I'm having sore throat. Doctor Ling only gave me 6 lozenges and a day's MC. By noon time my nose starts to drip and by next day's morning I was vomiting water everywhere.

The feeling is terrible. Phlegm stuck in my throat refusing to come out, throat super sore and both nose block. couldn't rest well at all.. Saturday morning went for doctor's appointment. The flu bug is so bad I was carrying tissue and plastic bag everywhere in case I choke on my phlegm and vomit again.

This time's ultra scan is much clearer. We can see the baby now and the heartbeat is a lot clearer and louder.

Doctor gave me lots of medication to assist me in recovering from the flu virus.
Antibiotics, flu med, cough med, paracetamol, clear phlegm. I'm eating so much pills a day it's really scary.. and I've not much appetite. :(

Next appointment would be in 2 weeks time and I'm looking forward to seeing my baby again. :D
Hubby is very excited cause this time the heartbeat is very loud and clear, makes him feel safe as baby seems to be growing stronger already. Hopes spotting will clear up soon. It's still quite worrying. :(

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 8 - not much difference.

Heart beat is still rather weak and baby is still very tiny. I'm still feeling nauseous everyday and this time doctor fixed appointment for 2 weeks later. He wants to make sure baby is growing fine.. Still spotting but it's a lot lesser ever since the jab the week before.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 7 - First heartbeat.

Over the weekend the bleeding seems to have increased. I went to work feeling really terrible. Light headed and nauseous. Hubby and I are worried to the max, not sure if the baby is alright, we decide to pay the doctor a visit.

This time doctor tried to look out for baby's heart beat to be sure baby is alright. It's a very weak and faint thud thud thud sound.

First heartbeat.

Knowing baby is fine, we felt instantly relieved. Then doctor decide to give me a jab on my butt to help stop/reduce the spotting.

Scheduled to meet the doctor in a week's time to follow up. 3 days MC for me to rest more.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 6 - First ultrascan.

Went to see the doctor as I've been nauseous, feeling bloated and spotting for a few weeks. Feels tired every night (knock out around 10-10.30pm) and wakes up to visit the toilet every single night. :(

Doctor say I might have a baby and made me test for it.

The result was positive! I don't know what to think. We planned to have a baby this year but no news for quite a while. I was worried I couldn't have one since I've a really weak body. :( Mixture of feeling excited and at the same time worried as I'm still spotting quite a fair bit. Sometimes it's almost like I'm having period. :(

Doctor gave a day's Mc, some Folic acid (vitamins) and some anti-nauseous pills.

Called hubby, bought food and went home to rest.
The spotting thing is rather worrying. Hubby fixed an appointment with the Gyne to check if there's anything wrong and to find out more information..

Did an ultra scan to check if the baby is in the correct position (womb and not the tube).

It's the first time seeing my little one, feels weird. It's just a tiny dot and it's too small to feel the heartbeat yet.

Doctor gave me some pills for "安胎", to stop the bleeding and schedule to meet us in about 1 month's time.