Saturday, December 15, 2012

Op + post Op.

2nd December 2012.

Woke up early in the morning to have breakfast even though I only had like 2 hours of sleep. Took bus to 502 Market. Last meal before the op in the evening and I decide to have wanton noodles.

Went home, took a shower, washed my hair and got ready to proceed to the hospital.
After registering we just slack around in the room till it's time for op. Felt super nervous as it's my first op and I'll be under full GA.

The 4-5hours is damn suffering. I was super nervous and jumpy and the nurses gave me 2 false alarms. >.< Op was scheduled at 5pm but around early 3-ish one nurse came in to ask if I've had my socks and shower cup on.. I started jumping around until my husband asked the nurse isn't it too early since my op's at 5pm. Then she say at 5pm? oh. it's too early.. and she went out... Around a little while later another nurse came back to ask if I've taken the med to protect my gastric. She also came in too early..

Finally.. around 4plus another nurse came in and asked me to get ready for op and she went to push in another bed. Hubby helped me to put on the socks and shower cap.. I surrendered all my earrings and my spectacles. Vision's super blurry and my heart's super jumpy. Lay on the bed while the nurse pushed the bed. Hubby gave me a kiss before I went into the lift to proceed to the delivery suite.. Stopped by a waiting area while the nurse asked me some questions.. before she confirm the doctors are nearby and pushed me to the operating theater..

In the operating theater and I was still super nervous.. They had to draw some blood, poke in a needle at a side of my wrist as there wasn't much obvious veins for them to poke and even that vein they had a lot of issues with drawing blood.. After a long while of squeezing my arm) they finally manage to get the blood they need. After that they start the other operating stuffs. First thing and only thing I remember was a mask was placed over my face, they push it down while commenting that my face is too small and keep asking me to breathe deeply.. I kept breathing and breathing and was thinking when will they give me the GA... and when will the GA take effect.. and the next thing I knew, they were waking me up and said the op is over, and my little girl is well.

Super blur but I tried my best to stay awake because I really wanted to see my girl.. They pushed my bed to the room and I was shifted to my ward bed. They warned me of the pain I would feel each time they moved me and yes I felt pain but I was still super seh.. drifting in and out.. Then I saw Mike and my mum. Still feeling blur and weak, I kept asking to see baby. I wanted to know she is fine. I want to see her face. They told me her weight and that she's so loud that the whole floor can hear her.. After they push her in, they put her next to me for me to see her. Hubby took a photo for me and posted on facebook. I was still super seh but I managed a smile and kissed my little girl..

They got Winne back to the nursery so I could have more rest but I just couldn't sleep. I wanted her by my side and I was drifting in and out the whole night. Mike didn't sleep much cause he wanted to be with me the whole of Sunday night...

3rd December 2012
Monday morning and I was still on drips and drifting but I was drifting a lot less and starting to worry when the drip stops will the pain be super bad and if I will finally start to feel nausea.. I can't wait to see Winnie and also the doctor.. Doctor came in, took a look at my wound area and told me they will take the drip and urine bag thingy off and let me walk a tiny bit that day. They will also start giving me painkillers in pills form, letting me take soft diet and he'll see me the next day.

Monday floats by rather quickly even though I was in pain most of the time. Took some photos of Winnie and took a bit of nap in the evening after taking painkillers... I even managed to sleep a little at night! :) Meals were soup beehoon for 3 meals and by night time I was so hungry that I ate a few packs of biscuits at night. :p

4th December 2012
Tuesday is a fresher day for me. I was able to move around a lot more. Even though my wound hurt really bad in the morning, the rest of the day was really very much manageable except when hubby made me laugh. My wound hurts really bad when I laugh. :(

5th December 2012
Discharge day. Morning had a scare cause they were checking on Winnie's Jaundice levels, if it's too high she can't go home with me. :( The result came in as manageable level and she can be discharged with me. Super happy to go home cause I can finally be with my little one. :)

Then the horror starts.. 10x worse than pregnancy.. is call THE CONFINEMENT. >.<
I'm now almost halfway there and can't wait for it to be over!

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