Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 33/34 - Responds to sounds

This is the period where we get more responds from Winnie and her every action makes me feel like hugging her right away. :)

She's like a baby, waking up many times a day just to disturb me.
When I'm eating
When there's music
When her dad just come home from work and she hears his voice
When I'm bathing
When I'm going to sleep
When I'm waking up
When I'm seating on the low chair
When I'm in the toilet
Particularly when I'm conversing with other people (eg. my mum, my brothers, my friends)
or when I feel her kneecap or elbow sticking out and I touch it. She'll squirm a little.

There are times when she stretches out her legs or something and I feel discomfort and pain.. I'll tell her it's painful, she should not do that and she will slowly move her leg back. :) Of cause I know she doesn't really understand what I'm saying but it does makes me feel like she's responding to my voice. :)

This week, we got the used baby clothes from my MIL, these clothes are given by Mike's Aunt. Put everything into the washing machine to wash and they are all so adorable. I mean they are all so tiny!

Honestly I think we don't seem very excited or prepared. I've know friends who've already started to prepare so many baby stuffs and we barely have any baby stuffs at our house. :P No pram yet cause still can't make up our mind which one to get. No baby cot yet cause we're expecting the cot to come in when I'm at the hospital, but we've yet to order it till today. Oh. the only stuffs we got are detergent to wash baby clothes and baby body wash. :P

I did get some stuffs for confinement though. 7 weeks worth of disposable underwear, a few nursing clothes and some nursing bras. :)

Mike's going to be very busy at work and I'll need to find time to go shopping with my mum for other stuffs. She's leaving her job in about 2-3weeks to prepare for my confinement. Her first grandchild and even though she doesn't show it she's actually quite excited. :P Afterall she have had 4 kids so she have enough experience to stay so calm. :P

Packing the hospital bag tomorrow when the mummy bag comes in. Not sure what to bring exactly also. bah..

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