Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 37 - Final milestone (Stretchmarks!)

About 90% done with preparation I think. heh.

-Button sleeping attire bought (4piece almost 200. -.-) -> for me.

-Milk bottles, bottles steriliser, brush for bottles, nappy cream, nipple cream, breast pumps, sterilized cotton balls, Pacifier, nail clippers, water thermometer, nappies, leftover diapers, wet wipes, ru yi oil (both winnie's grannies bought 1 bottle each. lol), jin feng san, covers for mattress,  pillow, bolster, herbs, many many longans and red dates..

-Mike couldn't resist getting a cute toy to hang at the cot for Winnie's entertainment hahas.

I'm really very nervous about the operation and seeing Winnie for the first time. It's barely a week left!!

New issues every other week.. This week's issue is stretchmarks!
The look is bad, the itch is worse!!
So I asked my mum about it and apparently she doesn't have any!! 4 kids and she doesn't have any? Why life so unfair ah? Then Mike says it's because all 4 of us are premature babies, so she never carried us till full term plus the 4 of us are all so tiny! eh.. yah. that kinda explains it.. The four of us are born like a month early, the youngest one I think almost 2 months early? We missed the "put on weight" period. hahas.

Apparently the little ones grow most of their fats in the last bit.. so most of the time stretchmarks appears closer to the date of birth cause of the sudden increase in bulk inside... something like that. hahas. or if you're having twins.... :)

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