Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 35 - Shopping / Final preparations for the day

Finally packed the hospital bag though there's really nothing much inside. :( I believe I still need like 2 sets of comfy button sleepwear or something. Bah.. Need to ask my mother. She's more experienced in this. :P

Last weekend we finally bought the baby cot, will be delivered this coming weekend and once it's done up, our room will finally look a bit more "baby ready"!

We've also bought the baby bath tub, baby wash and the powder lotion.
Still have some items yet to purchase and I'm starting to feel a little stress out. :(
- Bath water thermometer.
- Wash cloth and towel for baby
- Cloth Diapers (Mummy says she will get it)

Bah. I don't know if we've missed out any essentials. There's just so many things to prepare and I'm such a scatterbrain. :(

We've folded Winnie's clothes and put them in a compartment in our wardrobe. Yet to clear out one of my plastic cupboards to put Winnie's stuffs inside. Got to clear it next week before Winnie's here. :D

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