Friday, June 8, 2012

Week 13 - Naughty BB

Today was the scan for any bb abnormality, also our first trip to the Thomson Medical Center.
For the scan to take place, BB needs to be lying down and facing up.

From 12pm our first scan the bb was almost standing. Then I drank some water, and walk around abit.

Second scan, BB still sitting up. Was ordered to drink at least another 2 more cups of water and walk around more. Hubby and I took our lunch, walk around and drank 1 bottle or snapple and another 1 cup of water before going up for another time.

Third Scan and bb is still not lying down, by this time the nurse ask me to drink somemore water cause it'll help to fill the urine bag and make bb lie down.. I drank another 250ml of fruit juice and 2 cups of water.

It was almost 2+pm, I couldn't pee for 2+hrs, drank water till I want to vomit and finally BB is lying down for the forth scan!!

Naughty BB.
The nurse also say bb very naughty cause bb keep moving and refuse to lie straight for a proper scan. Every time bb lie properly and the nurse wants to take a photo of bb, bb will jump, move, turn, roll up.. I can't stop laughing and really need to pee very badly. The nurse took a couple of scans and let me go to the washroom before going back for other scans. After going to the washroom I thought bb will sit back up but bb didn't! -.- BB lay even straighter than before and was actually facing up. As quoted from the nurse, it's "Textbook book material"! hahahas. She end up taking more scans with me laughing a lot because bb still move around a bit esp whenever the nurse want to take a still. She show us the hands, the tiny pair of feet, the whole length of bb is around 66-67mm and we heard the heartbeat loud and clear. :)

After the scan, I did my first blood test in a super long while... I was so nervous that when the nurse used the alcohol wipe to wipe left arm, my right feet suddenly cramp. All the nurse around me laugh cause the situation is really funny. Felt brave that I actually didn't move my hand away and I even looked at the needle poking me. The things mothers does for her bb... :P Of cause I'm still scared cause the next blood test will be done in about 3weeks.. *sweats*

Long wordy post today cause I don't ever want to forget the things I've done for this precious little one.

Oh. Another update. I'm having some pain from my butt to my leg and it hurts when I stand up after sitting and also when I lie down. :( oh. and I'm having sore throat, slight fever and slight block nose again! :(

Iron Pills

Milk Powder

Mixed with Milo powder. :D

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 12 - Active BB

2nd trimester in a week and I'm super excited! Something very wonderful happen this week during the scan. We finally see little bb move! The little hands are moving so much I couldn't stop laughing. Here's a picture of the little active bb..

Drawing blood for tests soon and I just start to feel scared.
All the pills are getting bigger too! I can't swallow most of them. :(
And I just started drinking milk powder because I can't swallow the DHA pills. :( Hope the milk will work too. :(

Hubby says I've been very smiley since I saw bb actively move. It is a feeling difficult to describe. When the scanning device is on you and you see the "live-telecast" on what's happening inside, on the screen.. Together with the sound of bb's heartbeat. That instance you can really feel bb's presence.

Just found out that we have to rush to do a test on Friday at another location and blood will be drawn. :( Twice! :'(

Next doctor appointment will be at the end of the month. Also will have blood test. :(
Will remind hubby to bring a better camera next time. :D