Saturday, December 1, 2012

Final pre-op appointment!

Just went for final appointment with Dr KK Lee on Thursday.
Winnie's growing well, estimate at 3.something kg, she has doubled her weight since the last time he told me she was 1.something.. That totally explains the sudden sprout of strechmarks!

My cutie pie has no more space inside the tummy. She's literally facing the wall of my uterus.. all cramped up inside.. Saw her move her mouth and she looks so adorable.. like complaining her mummy's such a kang chiong spider. Haha.

So doctor says we're ready. The tummy shape is right he says. Don't really know what he means but it's right means it's good right? So we're going in this Sunday!

Friends and relatives can come visit on Monday onwards but please don't bring anything.. cause we no car to bring home lah.. haha. We got a lot of chicken essence, fish essence, bird's nest, baby clothes in fact we have almost everything ready.. and our house no space.. :P So anyway, if you want to visit, do check out Mike or my facebook for ward details. :)


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