Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 7 - First heartbeat.

Over the weekend the bleeding seems to have increased. I went to work feeling really terrible. Light headed and nauseous. Hubby and I are worried to the max, not sure if the baby is alright, we decide to pay the doctor a visit.

This time doctor tried to look out for baby's heart beat to be sure baby is alright. It's a very weak and faint thud thud thud sound.

First heartbeat.

Knowing baby is fine, we felt instantly relieved. Then doctor decide to give me a jab on my butt to help stop/reduce the spotting.

Scheduled to meet the doctor in a week's time to follow up. 3 days MC for me to rest more.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 6 - First ultrascan.

Went to see the doctor as I've been nauseous, feeling bloated and spotting for a few weeks. Feels tired every night (knock out around 10-10.30pm) and wakes up to visit the toilet every single night. :(

Doctor say I might have a baby and made me test for it.

The result was positive! I don't know what to think. We planned to have a baby this year but no news for quite a while. I was worried I couldn't have one since I've a really weak body. :( Mixture of feeling excited and at the same time worried as I'm still spotting quite a fair bit. Sometimes it's almost like I'm having period. :(

Doctor gave a day's Mc, some Folic acid (vitamins) and some anti-nauseous pills.

Called hubby, bought food and went home to rest.
The spotting thing is rather worrying. Hubby fixed an appointment with the Gyne to check if there's anything wrong and to find out more information..

Did an ultra scan to check if the baby is in the correct position (womb and not the tube).

It's the first time seeing my little one, feels weird. It's just a tiny dot and it's too small to feel the heartbeat yet.

Doctor gave me some pills for "安胎", to stop the bleeding and schedule to meet us in about 1 month's time.