Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 23/24 - Winnie.

We've decided to name bb Winnie. :) Yet to announce because there's another scan coming up in a week's time and Doctor would be able to confirm if bb's 100% boy or girl. Though we're about 90% sure it's a girl by now. :D

We chosed this name for a few reasons.
1. Meaning behind this name is First-born daughter (Ref:
2. Of cause there are other meanings we've found that seems quite pleasing to us: Blessed peace; fair reconciliation (Ref:
3. We wanted a rather well known name so no one will have the trouble calling her name. (Ref: Winnie the Pooh. )

These are the 3 reasons I can name right now. There's of cause other reasons but they are so crappy I don't think I wanna list them here. hahas.

Well today I decide to blog because Winnie did something worth blogging about of cause. hahas.
I've been feeling Winnie move on and off for quite a while. Though the feeling is very subtle but it's still a very comfortable feeling to know she's awake and moving around happily. :) Since the feeling's quite subtle, hubby is quite disappointed that he can't feel her move.

Since I am on MC, I had the luxury to wake my husband up to go to work. He's snoozing when I suddenly felt Winnie move. Placed his hand on my tummy and he felt her kick (we assume it's a kick cause it's a more obvious movement as compared to normal subtle movement)! So today marks the first time hubby felt Winnie kick and yes I would like to think Winnie kicked him to go to wake up and go to work. hahahas.

Been resting at home for the past 2 days due to bad stomach. It's so bad that I couldn't sleep 1 of the nights. Doctor says it's indigestion caused by constipation or badly handled food (unclean food). Stomach keep churning but no poo. It's been like this for 3 days, wonders when will it recover. :( Poor Winnie keep having to hear her mummy's tummy churn whole day and night. :(

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week 21 - It's a Girl.

After 2 months of wait Doctor says it should be a girl because he can't see male sex organs on bb. Just like last month's scan was also not clear because bb was sleeping with her legs curled up, this time bb was lying in a position that doesn't allow us to see that clearly.. Or maybe it's just the doctor's machine being old and doesn't allow us to see clearly.. Whatever the reason is. I believe it's a girl. I feel it. Even though hubby and parents says it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl, I do feel like they prefer a boy to play with my nephew. :( Really hope they love my bb girl just the same. I have decided no matter what, I will love my bb girl. *huggies*

July has been a torturous month. Legs pain and numbish feeling, backache and the terrible upper tummy pain. Took more medical leave and leave to rest in July as compared to the whole of last year I think. Tempted to leave my job because I just don't feel well all the time and being on leave or mc just doesn't help the company. At the same time, I will lose out on 1.5 months of maternity if I leave in a month's time and it's only 3.5months to go till my maternity starts in Mid Novemeber (1 month before my EDD). I've finished my leave entitlement till 3rd Jan 13, so if I leave early I need to "pay back". Oh well, hope I can go through this 3plus month so I would at least have a bit of money for my bb.