Saturday, May 26, 2012

Week 11 - Coughing.

1 Week to the next appointment and we're at the new house.
I'm hiding with the baby in the games room while waiting for people to move things in the house.

The flu from last week is healing slowly with a rather persistent cough.
Cough + nausea is a really bad combination. I've vomited a few mornings/nights and it's really terrible.

Taking the anti-nausea medication about once to twice a day on weekdays, or I can't work at all. The downside? The medication makes me drowsy and I keep feeling sleepy. Defector's parents doesn't like me to take the medication saying that it's not good for our baby. On weekends I don't take the medication and even on weekdays I take lesser than the maximum 3 times. Can't wait for the cough to disappear and I'll finally be able to stop taking those pills and stop hearing them nag about how it's normal to feel nausea, as if I don't know that it's normal.

Oh well, enough of ranting..
Moving to this new place soon in about 3 weeks and things will be better!
I can name 3 things I can't wait to enjoy..
1. Water heater. No need to boil water to bathe.
2. Aircon. Not that I need it 24/7, but since it's Summer, it can be really hot on some days...
3. Fiber internet. Need I say more? :p

Of cause there's my own Kitchen. :D
Our own bed, sofa, huge 40inch TV and Smoke Free rooms!

So many food I can't enjoy anymore because of baby but I will be strong willed and do all I can to protect my baby from harm. Baby you must be a good baby and grow up healthy and strong okay.. *muacks*

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Week 10 - Flu bug.

Friday visit the GP to get an MC as I'm having sore throat. Doctor Ling only gave me 6 lozenges and a day's MC. By noon time my nose starts to drip and by next day's morning I was vomiting water everywhere.

The feeling is terrible. Phlegm stuck in my throat refusing to come out, throat super sore and both nose block. couldn't rest well at all.. Saturday morning went for doctor's appointment. The flu bug is so bad I was carrying tissue and plastic bag everywhere in case I choke on my phlegm and vomit again.

This time's ultra scan is much clearer. We can see the baby now and the heartbeat is a lot clearer and louder.

Doctor gave me lots of medication to assist me in recovering from the flu virus.
Antibiotics, flu med, cough med, paracetamol, clear phlegm. I'm eating so much pills a day it's really scary.. and I've not much appetite. :(

Next appointment would be in 2 weeks time and I'm looking forward to seeing my baby again. :D
Hubby is very excited cause this time the heartbeat is very loud and clear, makes him feel safe as baby seems to be growing stronger already. Hopes spotting will clear up soon. It's still quite worrying. :(

Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 8 - not much difference.

Heart beat is still rather weak and baby is still very tiny. I'm still feeling nauseous everyday and this time doctor fixed appointment for 2 weeks later. He wants to make sure baby is growing fine.. Still spotting but it's a lot lesser ever since the jab the week before.